23 years & 20 new goals

I’m not really a bucket-list writer, because I always forget them far too quickly, but…
here are 20 goals I would like to realize in the coming year, or at least try to realize.

Things I want to do next year.

1. learn Italian
Curious person: Oh, you live in Paris? What are you doing?
Me: I study there.
Curious person: Oh, and do you speak French?
Me: (No Mandarin and Albanian, like everyone in France) Yes
Curious person: fluent?

That’s what such conversations are like. Apart from the fact that the question of whether I speak French when I live in France is more than ridiculous, the question of how much French I speak is also not very creative.

I don’t know if I speak fluently or not, but it’s getting easier and easier for me to talk to strangers in the park. And even though I’ve always sucked at school. My year usually ended with a C or D in french, I couldn’t put a decent sentence together at that time.

Talking to others at school and indeed French lessons helped me a lot and made it normal. What didn’t help me at all was the language course in the first semester. The teacher simply attached too much importance to expressing oneself 100% correctly. For me it is much more about developing as much vocabulary as possible & to know the most important grammatical formulas so that people understand me. Personally, I don’t find it particularly tragic that I sometimes mix up “le” or “la” .

I was licking blood. In these 6 months I have learned French so easily, quite incidentally without doing anything for it. Now I want to learn more languages.

In October I will start with Italian, which I am really looking forward to! Hard to believe, since I don’t even live here for a year, but I could well imagine moving to Italy for a while to consolidate the language.

And once I can speak Italian, Spanish isn’t far away.

2. get all hobbies under one roof
Blogging, painting, sports, knitting, crocheting, reading… the 24 hours are getting tight.

3. watch and record as many sunsets as possible
..preferably sunrises, but that’s really hard in summer!

4. not dyeing my hair for at least one year
Why exactly one year? To get used to my natural hair color. If you look at it for long enough, you get used to it and often don’t feel the need to change it anymore. (I wish I could also say that about my nose)

I’m so glad when the last bit of blonde is out of my hair soon..you won’t believe it. Blonde no matter how blonde, even if only a bit, is simply aggressive and turns beautiful hair into straw.

5. to not get upset about things you can’t change yourself
I’ve actually been following this for a while and hope to keep up the good work.

What exactly do I mean by that?

Example 1: The train is on strike and you don’t know how to get to school, work or wherever. Instead of spending time swearing, working on a solution. There is no alternative to reach your goal. Look on the bright side, you now have time for other things you would have had to do after work/school.

Example 2: An important application was submitted, but a form was missing. Due to the submission of the form the processing will be delayed for another 4 weeks. But what’s the point of saying “Yes, would you have read correctly or checked your documents for completeness?” Such accusations are pointless, since it has already happened. You can’t change it. Let it go !!

You learn from mistakes… at least in the best case.

6. go back to the gym regularly
Theoretically, I would have liked to have put this intention into practice from day 1 onwards if the contracts here hadn’t been so expensive…

7. goal for the third semester: to complete tasks as quickly as possible
..or at least start it.
Usually I finish tasks as soon as I start. Eternal pushing causes unnecessary stress and harms my fingernails.

8. 15 minutes ritual every day
15 minutes before going to bed, or 15 minutes after getting up in the morning, I clean, wash dishes, do laundry or other domestic work – at least mostly.
Because of the heat at the moment and the fact that I’m still running very late in the evening, I’m just over. Well, and in the morning, I don’t always follow my own rules.

9. Finding an acceptable blogging routine for me
…whatever this one may look like. You as spectators only see the finished result, and at first glance it may only look like a few words and a few pictures, but it is so much more. And even if you only want to publish two or three high quality articles in one week, the former hobby already becomes a full time (hobby) job.

10. Run 10 kilometers!
You know, the running fever has gripped me again.

11. Become an Upholder

I recently started reading “The Four Tendencies” by Gretchen Rubin, which deals with 4 stereotypes. I’m only on page 18, but I think I’m the “Obliger”. Meets outer expectations, Resists inner expectations. That means, I always try to meet deadlines regarding school, work etc (official things) as good as possible and to do the best work for which I oppose my inner requirements.

Example: I have to hand in a paper the next morning, but I am currently also working on my personal fitness goals. But since I find the external requirements more important, I put my own goals aside and instead of doing sports I sit at home and try to do a good job for the school.

That sounds very natural and okay when reading. Again, however, it is also “only” school. I always say to myself that my goal is to pass, because nobody is interested in the individual grades anyway, but I often set back my own interests. That’s not supposed to happen anymore.

Ideally, I would like to become an Upholder, someone who meets both external and internal requirements.

12. Sleep before midnight

When I had to get up at 5 in the morning it was much easier. Since I don’t have to leave the house until 9am, I unfortunately stay up too late too often and the Miracle Morning costs me more strength than it gives me.

13. finally get these stupid abs (and preferably still eat baguette without rising like a sponge)

Yeah, if it were that simple, and if I didn’t hate ab exercises sooo much.

14. Exploring new districts
There are still far too many parts of Paris I don’t know yet. I should change that as soon as possible.

15. less time on the phone
If I downloaded one of these app’s where you plant a tree, which thrives in the time when you are not on your mobile..I would feel like Jack the Ripper.
Unfortunately I writeI many ideas, notes, mails and blogpost on my phone, thereby unfortunately many many hours come together throughout the day. Too many. I don’t have a concrete solution yet, but I will find one.

16. More outfits for the blog
The outfit category has always been one of my favorite, and still is – would it only be filled more often. I just always feel so ashamed to ask someone for a photo. Although it’s quite normal in our class. The girls always take pictures of each other during the break for their Instagram profiles. Honestly, I have to say, unfortunately this is too unprofessional for me. I like to choose the location, adapt my outfit to it (or vice versa) and then take photos with my Canon. And not just 5, but 300 of them will hopefully include 5 beautiful ones.

Sorry, but quality is essential.

17. Learn Russian
At least the alphabet for now. I noticed a surprising number of Russians living in Paris. Especially on Instagram I follow some girls who live here in Paris, Russian girls who meet from time to time to pursue their hobby of photography together. But they didn’t become aware of each other because they all have a nice Instagram account and somehow do the same, of course somehow, but above all because they are all Russian. I’ve never noticed this strong band in Germany before.

In the past I was never interested in Russian and in retrospect I am quite happy to have chosen French at school. Nevertheless, I like the sound of the language and would like to understand the content of some Russian bloggers I follow.

18. breakfast!!
Yes, I’m the ultimate breakfast lover but I’ve lost my way, even though I have to go to university so late.

19. Ask strangers for photos
If other people on the street ask me for photos I have no problem at all. It’s normal for me. Paris is a tourist city so it’s obvious that people wanna make some memories. I personally find it suuuper unpleasant to ask someone “hey can you take a picture of me?”. Not only because I do not see myself as a tourist (other people obviously also not, since I am always addressed in French), it is simply unpleasant for me. Nevertheless, I am annoyed in the end when I see a great opportunity for a picture, but then I am too shy to approach strangers.

I’ve seen it so often on Instagram with others who were on their own somewhere and then just asked someone. I have to learn that! haha

2o. Stay true..

Friends often act as friends only as long as you don’t live more than 20 km away. I understood that 3 years ago and since then I have been sorting out my social environment without regard to losses.



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